Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty simple! If you attend 3 sessions per week + attend 3 checkpoint meetings with your coach and after 6 weeks don’t feel like you’ve gotten more than your moneys worth, or just really don’t like us and our stupid faces.. We’ll refund you the full amount AND give you $100 for your trouble.

Well, the short answer is that what we do isn’t some copy & paste thing that we get you to follow. There’s no ‘sink or swim’ attitude here!

We’re working with you, not against you!

We’ve got a simple system, that we call the transformation vehicle. We build out your vehicle using the 4 wheels below:

  • Training

  • Nutrition

  • Support & Accountability

  • Community & Environment

In our first meeting, which we call the ‘get to know you/get to know us roadmap meeting’ we’re going to dig into exactly what you want to achieve. We’ll also be getting a picture of your background, what you’ve found that works well for you, as well as what you’ve found that doesn’t work for you.

If it sounds like you’d be a good fit for one of our programs we can explore that in the meeting. But ultimately the goal is just to point you in the right direction, whether you end up training with us or somewhere else. Why? Well, selfishly – because I know we take care of you even if you never pay us a cent, you’ll probably say nice things to somebody who will train with us someday, and also because we exist to help people, it’s just what we do.

No problem, in fact most of our clients have some form of limitation! We’ll work with you to create a plan that not only avoids causing pain when you exercise, but makes you feel better too!

No, not at all! In fact our coaching is based on making an approach that works for you! So if you love bread.. We’ll find a way for you to eat bread!

Yes. Just kidding – of course not! Most of our clients average 3 sessions a week – and see fantastic results

Firstly, by actually wanting you to show up to the gym! We’re not the kind of place where you can come (or not come!) and have nobody notice or care. 

Secondly, by supporting you in the hours you’re not in the gym! We call it the ‘other 165’. If you’re with us for roughly 3 hours a week, there’s 165 hours when you’re out in the wilderness! Our program focuses on the other 165 hours just as much as the 3 hours you’re with us each week!

Look, I’d love to say we welcome everybody.. BUT

If you’re trying to become a bodybuilding world champion and only eat chicken and broccoli and want to flex in the mirrors for hours.. We might not be the best fit! (we don’t even have mirrors!)

Or if you’re planning one fake tanning and debuting a new outfit to every gym session, your efforts would be wasted on us! It’s not a fashion contest, just a bunch of happy folks working towards their goals and having some fun at the same time!

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